Eos World Fund Launches Multi-Million Dollars Initiative to Support Female Filmmakers


From Sundance Film Festival: Julie Dash and Nina Menkes First Recipients Selected To Receive Funds To Bring Two Unique Feature Film Projects To Global and Underserved, Untapped Audiences


Eos World Fund, spearheaded by Director and Producer, Gwen Wynne, aims directly at the disparity of women’s storytelling throughout the cinematic and visual arts with its mission to provide capital financing to visionary female directors around the world in an effort to galvanize further provocative and diverse cinema within untapped markets. In its inaugural launch, the Eos World Fund has named Julie Dash (Daughters of the Dust, The Rosa Parks Story) and Nina Menkes (Queen of Diamonds, Bloody Child) as the first two recipients to develop untold innovative stories, which expands upon Hollywood’s present day market as well as breaking away from traditionally served audiences. The announcement will be made at the EOS World Fund launch event on January 19th at 2018 Sundance Film Festival, hosted by Blackhouse Foundation.

Eos World Fund will support a selected group of visionary women and their groundbreaking projects, within the creative arts realm, through funds and distribution to reach untapped market audiences. The first two recipients under the Eos World Fund initiative will bring stories of social justice to the forefront with the upcoming films: Cypher by Julie Dash and Minotaur Rex by Nina Menkes.

Julie Dash’s Cypher, a film noir / suspense thriller set in Manhattan in the year 2000, captures the world of encryption specialists, hackers and afro-futurists who hold the key to protecting global privacy rights, the civil rights movement of the 21st century.

Nina Menkes’ Minotaur Rex, set in contemporary Jerusalem, is based on the ancient Greek myth. Menkes’ piece is both a thriller and an allegory for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, with  Palestinian actor Ziad Bakri and German star Nina Hoss attached. Minotaur Rex is also supported by a Creative Capital Award and a Fulbright Fellowship to the Middle East.

“Both of these powerhouse filmmakers embody the Eos point of view and are Eos Women,” says Gwen Wynne, CEO and Artistic Director of Eos World Fund. “Both Nina and Julie are genuinely respected for taking cinema in new directions and it’s only fitting they be the first directors to receive Eos World Fund support. Audiences are hungry to see more films from them as they are both pioneers in feminist cinema and inspirations to filmmakers around the world.”

To inaugurate the Eos World Fund launch, Nina Menkes will present her anticipated filmic talk “Sex and Power: The Visual Language of Cinema.” Set alongside iconic film clips, the presentation discusses the ways the current crisis of sexual harassment and abuse along with the lack of women in leadership positions in industries around the world directly connects to the prevalent visual language of cinema.

Following Nina Menkes’ presentation, there will be a panel moderated by producer, Eos World Fund Advisory Board member and president of Contradiction and Struggle,  Rachel Watanabe-Batton, with filmmakers: Julie Dash and Nina Menkes. Entitled “Women in Charge: Through a New Lens,” the discussion will include how to make the female point of view dominant in the visual language of cinema as well as how to activate more women taking leadership positions in the creation and business of cinema and storytelling throughout the world.

Alexander Van De Leur, VP of Morgan Stanley, and the Eos World Fund Portfolio Manager, will be present to discuss financial participation regarding Eos World Fund.

The events will be hosted by Blackhouse Foundation, located at 804 Main St, Park City Utah, on January 19th from 11:00am – 12:30pm, followed by reception.

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