Artistic expression lives in the world of Taxidermy

March 24, 2020

“If taxidermy—the art of preserving animal remains—and conversation seem antithetical, then Stuffed is the film to reshape all those preconceptions. Lyrical, poignant and beautiful.”                                                    –Richard Whittaker, THE AUSTIN CHRONICLE Erin Derham’s documentary film STUFFED looks at the fascinating and surprising world of taxidermy, as told through the eyes and hands of acclaimed taxidermy artists across the world.  STUFFED plunges viewers into

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Valiant Documentary To Premiere at Las Vegas NHL Game This November

November 4, 2019

Presented by Sterling Production and Vegas Golden Knights THE DOCUMENTARY ‘VALIANT’ CHRONICLING ONE OF THE GREATEST CINDERELLA STORIES IN THE HISTORY OF SPORTS WILL PREMIERE FOR GOLDEN KNIGHTS FANS AT T-MOBILE ARENA SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 17 AT 1:30PM PT Q&A with Filmmaker and Production Team Immediately Following Screening The documentary film, VALIANT directed by Cruz Angeles (“Don’t Let

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