Oscar-winning Filmmaker Luc Jacquet’s Latest Documentary Film on Global Warming


Opens in New York City, January 20th

A spectacular portrait of Claude Lorius, the legendary French explorer who foresaw global warming



With the remarkable ANTARCTICA: ICE AND SKY, Oscar-winning filmmaker Luc Jacquet (March of the Penguins) tells the inspiring story of Claude Lorius, the 82-year-old glaciologist and explorer who has dedicated his life to studying the icescapes of Antarctica. Lorius’s groundbreaking discoveries over the decades would ultimately sound the alarm for the global warming crisis and expose humankind’s devastating impact on the Earth’s climate.

In ANTARCTICA: ICE AND SKY, Jacquet joins Lorius as he journeys to Antarctica one final time, 60 years after first setting foot on the continent in 1955. The film is filled with breathtaking landscape photography and a fascinating array of archival footage from his 22 polar expeditions, wherein Lorius faced unforgiving conditions and brutal personal challenges in a land previously untouched by scientific experiments. Realizing that every bubble of air trapped in the polar ice cap holds a sample of the atmosphere at the time it was formed Lorius dedicated himself to discovering the secrets of our planet that are held in those bubbles. But was and is the world ready to hear what Lorius has learned?

Revisiting the part of the world he knows best and recounting his story from his first tentative steps as a young glaciologist to the crowning achievement of his career, receiving the Blue Planet Prize in 2008, Claude Lorius stands at the heart of ANTARCTICA: ICE AND SKY, a work that also returns filmmaker Jacquet to a land he knows all too well.

“At the age of 23, I left to spend 14 months in the Antarctic, and have been going ever since. I’d explain it through the power of the landscapes and the elements—the experiencing of a blizzard, which is the ultimate confrontation with the forces of nature and survival,” says Jacquet on his fascination with the Antarctic. “In that kind of environment, the only law that matters is staying alive through a sense of fellowship. You have to go to extreme places to discover that. There are places on Earth where cheating isn’t an option and I like that.”

Mark Kermode of The Guardian says the film “is a powerful testament, and one that ought to have a considerable impact.” Equal parts contemplative memoir and ardent call to action, ANTARCTICA: ICE AND SKY is the culmination of 60 years of discovery—an epic tale where science and adventure meet.

ANTARCTICA: ICE AND SKY opens in New York City and Los Angeles beginning January 20, 2017.