WeaselWorks launches “Walking Dead” and Washington Wizards TV Spots

 New “Haunted House” and “Tall/Small” D.C. TV Spots Launches New D.C. Lottery Tickets In Continuation of Award-Winning Campaign

The Creative Team Behind Award-Winning D.C. Lottery Campaigns




In promoting the launch of a new season of D.C. Lottery scratch-off tickets, production house, WeaselWorks, Ltd. has unveiled “Haunted House/Zombie” and “Tall/Small” for the new scratch off games celebrating the new season of TV’s “The Walking Dead,” as well as all things basketball. The spots are a follow up to a series of 2014 spots, which earned D.C. Lottery the win for ‘TV Advertising – Coordinated Campaign’ at The North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries (NASPL) Annual Conference.

Both spots are currently running now in the District of Columbia market and marks another successful collaboration between Weaselworks and the ad agency MDB Communications, led by Chief Creative Officer Richard Coad.

The creativity behind the 2015 spots celebrates the motto, “…unless I win the lottery,“ a concept developed by MDB last year and continuing on for 2016 due to its wildly successful run.  “Tall/Small” spot, in launch of the Washington Wizards scratch off ticket, centers around a basketball team waiting for a “monster power player” who instead sends a representative who doesn’t quite live up to expectations.

In “Haunted House / Zombie” a hired zombie hunter never shows up to meet a waiting couple outside a haunted house, leaving them vulnerable to some hungry zombies.  This post-apocalyptic spot is inspired by zombies to launch The Walking Dead scratch off tickets.

Led by Executive Producer Robert Berman, owner and founder of WeaselWorks and award-winning director, Stan Schofield and in collaboration with D.C. advertising agency, MDB Communications, this creative team has delivered several campaigns over the last few years that have ranged from the outrageous to the poetic.  The branding ties directly into the DC Lottery tag line “Lots of people win. ”

“We love the continued collaboration with Richard Coad and the great folks at MDB Communications.  They continue to do great, conceptual work for Lottery and we are proud to have the opportunity to serve the creative and continue to evolve the work.” says Berman.

Robert Berman has been actively working with a myriad of collaborators over the past few decades creating content across all media platforms, but the DC Lottery is a special assignment.   “I am proud to be associated with a dream team of directors who continue to produce award winning work, understand the financial reality of the times, and keep clients coming back.”

His production company houses three accomplished, award-winning directors,  Stan Schofield, Gilly Barnes and Nika Offenbac, offering a depth of knowledge across narrative, documentary, experiential projects and design .

Stan Schofield is an accomplished director with over 30 years experience in this business, including two much heralded feature films.  Gilly Barnes has an astounding line of credits and accolades including an Emmy® and Addy award and has become a “go to” for celebrities who want to be their unvarnished selves.  Nika Offenbac has directed impressive content for major clients such as: Guess, Discovery, Canon, Major League Soccer and received 12 film awards for her latest feature and has worked all over the world.