A Five Star Life Starring Margherita Buy Boldly Shines as Career Woman Without Children






The exquisite comedy drama A FIVE STAR LIFE stars Italy’s incomparable Margherita Buy in an unforgettable story about one woman’s quest for personal and professional fulfillment. Set in some of the most stunning cities and opulent hotels in the world, A FIVE STAR LIFE is directed and co-written by Italian filmmaker Maria Sole Tognazzi.

A FIVE STAR LIFE (Viaggio Sola) is the story of a woman in her forties, who has neither children nor a steady job, but does not feel that this makes her a failure. Irene is the meeting point between two worlds which, in our present times, are farther apart than ever: the extremely rich and the petty bourgeois who can only dream of that richness or experience it only once in their lifetimes. Irene’s interior journey, her analysis of herself and of her human and professional future, arise from the confrontation with her former lover and bachelor friend, Andrea, and with her sister Silvia, who is married, with children. Both characters force Irene to question her lifestyle choices, but eventually Irene will understand her true meaning of happiness based on the choices most suitable for her, and not the expectations of society.


Breezily co-written by director Tognazzi and marvelously acted by the wonderful Ms. Buy, A FIVE STAR LIFE is an insightful and clever story of a woman who is, in a sense, an outsider in both her personal and professional worlds—a critical and seriously removed perfectionist who’s oblivious to her own glaring imperfections. The human “dramedy” of Irene’s life is enriched by the film’s handsome production and design. Produced with the support of The Leading Hotels of the World, the prestigious luxury hospitality organization, A FIVE STAR LIFE offers gorgeous views of the world’s most lavish hotels as they can be found in cities across Europe and Africa.


Music Box Films Home Entertainment will release A FIVE STAR LIFE on DVD and VOD for the first time on November 4, 2014 (prebook September 30). Released to acclaim in the U.S.’s top theatrical markets in 2014, the A FIVE STAR LIFE DVD will include a host of bonus features, including a making-of featurette and a collection of deleted scenes, and carry the suggested retail price of $29.95.


A critical and commercial smash in its native Italy, A FIVE STAR LIFE

A Film by Maria Sole Tognazzi
A Film by Maria Sole Tognazzi

was nominated for five David di Donatello Awards (the Italian Academy Award), with leading lady Margherita Buy bringing home the prize for Best Actress. Ms. Buy has won an impressive six David di Donatello Awards over the past two decades and has garnered a staggering fifteen nominations. A FIVE STAR LIFE was also nominated for a six Italian national Syndicate of Film Journalists Awards, for which it won the award for Best Comedy.


As sophisticated and luxurious as it is warm and heartfelt, A FIVE STAR LIFE is truly a “five star” vacation that demands to be taken.


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A FIVE STAR LIFE — Synopsis:


Irene (Margherita Buy) is a single career woman in her forties with a job to die for. As a luxury hotel critic, she checks into the world’s finest establishments incognito to assess their standards, meticulously judging every detail from the concierge’s manners to the temperature of the food to the quality of the bed sheets. Her elegant, unattached lifestyle affords her the freedom to jet around the globe at a moment’s notice to experience a world of luxury, but doesn’t leave her with much of a personal life. On the rare occasions she’s not working, Irene’s world revolves around her absent-minded sister Silvia (Fabrizia Sacchi), two lively young nieces, and best friend–and former lover–Andrea (Stefano Accorsi), an organic food purveyor. But when Silvia begins to deal with marital problems and Andrea reveals that his latest one-night stand is unexpectedly pregnant, Irene’s small support network is fractured and she struggles to balance her glamorous career with the growing desire for something more. Then, after a chance meeting with a freethinking British intellectual (Lesley Manville), Irene is compelled to re-examine her choices, charting her own path to happiness despite the expectations of others.




Coming to DVD and VOD on November 4, 2014