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The Man from Beijing


Available on DVD, VOD, and Digital Download
September 25, 2012

Chicago, IL (August 07, 2012) -The gruesome discovery of 19 dead bodies in a small town in northern Sweden, a local judge who learns she’s related to a number of the victims, and a mysterious diary entry from the distant past-they’re all part of the backdrop for THE MAN FROM BEJING, a gripping mystery-thriller film based on the bestseller by internationally renowned crime novelist Henning Mankell of the acclaimed Wallander series.

Music Box Films: The Man From Beijing
Music Box Films: The Man From Beijing

THE MAN FROM BEIJING will be released on DVD, VOD and Digital Download in the U.S. for the first time by Music Box Films Home Entertainment on September 25 (pre-book August 21, 2012), following its successful premiere around Europe and the world.

When the police uncover the murdered bodies of 19 people in the remote hamlet of Hesjövallen in Northern Sweden, they suspect that a single local madman is behind the horrible act. But district judge Birgitta Roslin thinks differently, especially when she learns that she is related to a number of the victims. Launching her own unofficial investigation into the massacre, Birgitta’s search for the truth leads her to cryptic diary entry from years past, then on to an examination of events in both the United States circa 1860 and modern-day China. As the mystery deepens and extends across three continents, Roslin is confronted with the grisly designs of a millionaire businessman and a complex web of international corruption and political intrigue.

Directed by Peter Keglevic, THE MAN FROM BEIJING stars Suzanna von Borsody as the tenacious Judge Birgitta Roslin, a woman whose private and professional lives are thrown together in the wake of a mass murder. The film also features international star Michael Nyqvist (Mikael Blomkvist in the wildly popular film adaptation of Stieg Larsson’s The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo trilogy) as Staffan, Birgitta’s stalwart, supportive husband.

First published in the United States in 2010, THE MAN FROM BEIJING is the latest hard-hitting creation from prolific writer Henning Mankell who, with over 30 million copies of his books sold to date, remains one of the world’s top-selling authors. Described as “the godfather of Swedish crime” by The Washington Post and “Sweden’s greatest living mystery writer” by Los Angeles Times. Mankell and his creative powers are at an all-time high, as can be seen and experienced in THE MAN FROM BEIJING.

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The police make the gruesome discovery of the bodies of 19 people who have been brutally murdered in the remote hamlet of Hesjövallen in Northern Sweden and suspect that a single madman is behind the horrific act. Birgitta Roslin (Suzanne von Borsody), a district judge from Helsingborg, learns that that she is related to a number of the victims, prompting her to begin her own unofficial investigation of the massacre. With the support of her husband Staffan (Michael Nyqvist), Birgitta’s search for the murderer leads her both to the United States in the 19th Century and modern-day China. She is ultimately confronted with the evil machinations of a millionaire businessman and a complex web of international corruption and political intrigue.

About Music Box Films:

Founded in 2007, Music Box Films has quickly established itself as one of the leading distributors of non-English language feature films in the US in theaters, on DVD and Blu-ray, and via Video-on-Demand. Music Box’s release of Guillaume Canet’s Tell No One was the most popular foreign-language film of 2008. In 2010, the film adaptations of Stieg Larsson’s trilogy of international mega-sellers dominated the foreign-language film market: the first in the series, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, was one of the most popular international releases of the decade with over $10 million in US box office. Music Box Films is independently owned and operated by the Southport Music Box Corporation, which also owns and operates The Music Box Theatre, Chicago’s premiere venue for independent and foreign films.

The Man from Beijing
Music Box Films Home Entertainment
STREET DATE: September 25, 2012
Pre-book Date: August, 21, 2012
SRP: DVD $24.95
Cast: Suzanne von Borsody, Michael Nyqvist, Claudia Michelse, Amy Cheng, James Taenaka
Director: Peter Keglevic
Running Time: 180 minutes
Format: DVD
Sound Format: 5.1 Dolby Digital
Rating: NR
Country: Germany
Language: German with English subtitles

Bonus Features:

The Making of ‘The Man From Beijing’

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